Teena Barton

Teena Barton is a Major Case Investigator who specializes in organized crimes in healthcare fraud, capping crimes and legal provider fraud. Teena’s educational and professional background includes graduating Cum Laude, two academic scholarships, and multi-year Dean’s List Recipient from Texas Christian University, hundreds of hours of criminal and civil law enforcement training, and hundreds of hours of specialized military training. Teena served with the US Air Force as a Munitions and Special Weapons Expert and then cross-trained in International Relations. Following honorable discharge, she became a Police Officer and served in Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Narcotics/Vice, and Criminal Intel spending several years undercover. Teena specializes in the victimology of organized capping crimes and plays an active role in grass-roots informational speaking campaigns for the targeted groups of these fraud syndicates. Currently a national speaker & trainer for attorney associations, industry and law enforcement. She was featured in a nationally covered story by Reveal News and NPR radio called “Billion Dollar Scam.” For 4 years she collaborated on a national speaking circuit with an attorney convicted of selling clients to surgeons and who had a role in creating one of the most prolific organized capping schemes in California history. She often collaborates with political action committees and Attorney Associations to help inform targets of organized crime.

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