Dominic I. Dugo

Dominic Dugo, retired Chief Deputy District Attorney from San Diego, California, is the DELTA GROUP Fraud Division Vice-President.

Dominic spent 33 years as a prosecutor in San Diego with 27 years prosecuting and then supervising the insurance fraud program. Under his leadership, San Diego has been recognized as having one of the best insurance fraud prosecutorial offices in the country.

After graduating in the top 5% of his law school class at De Paul University in Chicago, Dominic moved to California. He worked 2 years to as an attorney for Justice Charles Hamlin of the California Court of Appeal. Thereafter, he joined the District Attorney’s Office.

Dominic established San Diego’s Workers’ Compensation Premium Fraud (1996) and Medical and Legal Insurance Fraud (2005) Task Forces. Both of these were the first of their kind. He also authored several articles on insurance fraud including premium fraud.

Dominic’s success resulted in several awards. In 2016, he received the “Edwin L. Miller Lifetime Achievement Award” from the San Diego District Attorney’s Association. In 2010, Llorente Investigations named him their Nationwide Insurance Fraud Prosecutor of the Year. Previously, in 1999, he was named Insurance Fraud Prosecutor of the Year by the International Association of Special Investigation Units for Southern California. Dominic also was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the FBI and a Commanding Officer’s Citation from the San Diego Police Department.

Dominic has taught numerous classes throughout the country on how to investigate and prosecute insurance fraud including premium fraud. He also spearheaded and designed in San Diego one of the most successful anti-insurance fraud outreach programs in the country.

Prior to retiring from the DA’s Office in September 2019, Dominic served as Co-Chair of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud out of Washington, D.C. for 3 years. Dominic also serves as a law enforcement advisor to the California Labor Commissioner.

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