Ryan Fawaz

Ryan Fawaz is a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP who helps insurers uncover and combat fraud. He pursues complex insurance fraud cases of all types — health, auto, workers’ compensation, property — and represents his clients in state and federal courts around the country, focusing particularly on the California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act. From working with medical experts and helping detect fraudulent claim patterns to assessing the risks and rewards of taking offenders to court, Ryan’s clients rely on his insight and experience to protect themselves and eliminate wrongdoing. Ryan works with medical, technology, financial, coding and in-house experts to identify trends and the parties driving systemic fraud, oftentimes before such claims are even made or paid. Once a fraud pattern has been established, Ryan helps his clients find quicker, less risky and costly alternatives to litigation to address concerns, including through different approaches to claims handling.

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