Rodrick (Rod) Reyes

Captain Reyes began his career with the Department of Insurance as an Investigator with the Investigations Division in December of 1999. In September of 2001, Investigator Reyes transferred to the Fraud Division. As a Detective with the Fraud Division he has investigated cases involving automobile insurance fraud, property casualty insurance fraud, workers’ compensation applicant fraud, and workers’ compensation insurance premium fraud. Detective Reyes also investigated organized automobile insurance fraud as a member of the Organized Urban Automobile Insurance Fraud Task Force in Santa Clara County.

In January of 2012 Detective Reyes was promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant. As a Detective Sergeant, he was responsible for supervising both a Multi-Disciplinary Operations Team as well as the Organized Urban Automobile Insurance Fraud Task Force.

In January of 2021, Detective Sergeant Reyes was promoted to Captain of the Silicon Valley Regional Office (SVRO).

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