Jeff Stuart

Jeff began his law enforcement career in April of 1991, with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He spent five years with LASD, where he was a front-line responder in the LA Riots and testified in the OJ Simpson Case.

After his time at LASD, Jeff was hired as a lateral officer at Fullerton PD, in Orange County, where he spent the next 23 years, working a variety of assignments that included Patrol, DARE, School Resource Officer, Gang Detective, Homicide Detective, Special Projects Supervisor, Gang Supervisor, Community Services Supervisor, Public Information Officer and Patrol Sergeant.

Some of Jeff’s accomplishments while at Fullerton included authoring legislation to add 8 enhancements to the California Street Terrorism Enforcement Prevention Act (STEP), dealing with Identity Theft and Fraud, authoring the largest Gang Injunction in Orange County, working to rebrand the Department after the Kelly Thomas Incident, and developing the Department’s School Safety and Tactical Response Protocols.

Jeff left the Fullerton PD in August of 2018, and joined the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. He was assigned to the Golden State Killer Task Force, and assisted in a successful investigation and prosecution, putting a serial killer away for the rest of his life. Jeff was a member of the OCDA range training cadre and is a certified range safety officer.

Jeff’s current assignment is in Insurance Fraud, where he is tasked with capping cases and is the current OCDA capping expert. He is currently involved in a large-scale capping case, involving attorneys, referral services and unscrupulous doctors preying on victims throughout the State of California.

Jeff is in his 33rd year of his law enforcement career. He holds a POST Supervisory Certificate, is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SLI) and is an accomplished public speaker on such topics as gangs and narcotics.

In his free time, you can find him at Lake Havasu, playing on the boat, or in the mountains riding his CanAm, and he is sure to have his camera nearby, as he enjoys photography and all things outdoors.

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