The ABC’s of a Large Property Fraud Claim: From FNOL to EUO to SOL

The claims department refers a large, 6-figure property loss to your company’s SIU department, with several red flags, thorny investigative issues, difficult policyholder representation, and even some potential coverage issues, looking to you to clean it all up. An EUO attorney and SIU investigator – each of whom have been involved in hundreds of large property claims over the past 30 years – will address the following subject matter: managing the investigation; dealing with difficult advocates like Public Adjusters and policyholder attorneys; dealing with a parallel criminal investigation; when an EUO should be utilized; who should make the decision to retain an attorney for an EUO? Can an SIU investigator take their own EUO? How best to prepare for the EUO? How can the SIU investigator, adjuster and attorney collaborate with each other prior to, and during, the EUO? Who should attend the EUO? How should the EUO be recorded? This course will encourage audience participation in sharing attendees’ perspectives and experiences, and develop innovative strategies that will provide SIU investigators, claims professionals, EUO attorneys and others with takeaways to ensure the best outcomes when handling questionable large property loss claims. Anyone who handles, investigates, or provides counsel on large property loss claims will not want to miss this interactive training session.

CA Agent/Broker CA POST CA Public/Private Adjuster Property SIU
Location: Spyglass Date: April 11, 2024 Time: 10:30 am - 11:25 am Kevin Hansen Richard B. Harer, CFE, CPI, CFS, WCCA