William Zachry

William M Zachry is a Senior Fellow at the Sedgwick Institute. He has worked at the Institute doing research, writing and speaking on Risk Management issues involving The National Opioid Epidemic, Workers Compensation cost drivers, Workers Compensation Fraud, The Internet of Things (IoT), AI and Big Data in Insurance, and CRISPR- Cas 9.

Mr. Zachry is also a Board Member of the California State Compensation Insurance Fund. Prior to working at the Sedgwick Institute, Mr. Zachry was the Group Vice President of Risk Management at the Albertsons Company, where he was awarded Risk Manager of the Year from RIMS and Workers Compensation Professional of the Year from the California Coalition on Workers Compensation.

Mr. Zachry was also a member (And Chair) of the California Fraud Assessment Commission for ten years. Mr. Zachry has received multiple commendations and awards for his involvement and participation in fraud fighting in California.

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