Stephan A. DiBiase

Mr. DiBiase joined the Momentum Engineering team in 2013 and has worked in the automotive engineering field since 2000.   After starting with MEC, he has since worked with senior staff performing accident reconstruction, vehicle testing and computer simulation.   Mr. DiBiase is trained in the use of 3-dimensional LIDAR scanning, as well as the sophisticated software programs used to process the scanner data.   Mr. DiBiase has conducted vehicle inspections, site inspections, advanced computer simulations, test data acquisition, scripting, processing and plotting.

Mr. DiBiase earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University in 1999.  He has previously worked in the automotive industry doing manufacturing for chassis systems, and then research and development.   This entailed performing advanced computer simulations, advanced suspension, steering, driveline, and brake system designs, as well as proof of concepts.  This led to becoming a Level 3 TRC Vehicle Dynamics driver for automotive systems evaluation.   Then he began working in the field of accident reconstruction, which involved rollovers and vehicle handling among other types of vehicular accidents.

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