Scott Shaw

I am currently the National Special Investigation Unit Manager for Western General Insurance Company with nationwide responsibilities. I designed the structure of the SIU, implemented the policies and investigative protocols, hired all inside, contract, and vendor employees, and ensure that the SIU operates in strict compliance with the California and other jurisdictions SIU Regulations.

I am a Professional Private Investigator with more than thirty-five years of experience conducting private investigations, including insurance frauds; to include health care provider / billing frauds, workers’ compensation and premium frauds, property & casualty frauds, internal thefts, and staged automobile collisions.

I have knowledge and experience in the investigation of related criminal activity such as tax evasion, grand theft, identity theft, mail fraud, arson, and Medi-Cal / Medicare fraud through my experience as a NICB Special Agent where I was assigned to the EEOC Task Force in Glendale, the Asian Organized Crime Task Force in Monterey Park, and the Los Angeles Task Force on Terrorism. As the National Special Investigation Unit Manager, I am connected to the insurance industry and law enforcement partners working to expose and deter the submission of capped, false, and / or fraudulent Personal Injury and Comprehensive Claims to Western General Insurance Company.

In my capacity as the National SIU Manager with Western General Insurance Company, as a ICB Special Agent, and as a California Licensed Professional Private Investigator, I am amongst a group of professionals who study a particular event, situation, system or documents, and complete an analysis to document the reasons or conclusions, as per the facts and details. I have conducted complex and confidential investigations involving corporate, legal, financial, medical or other related industries.

My key qualities as an Investigator include powers of observations, analytical and interpretation skills, and the ability to convey my investigation in a clear, concise, and accurate reporting of facts, along with a working knowledge of rules, regulations, and / or laws relevant to the matter.

Private Investigator working in cooperation with multiple state and federal law enforcement task forces assigned to the investigation of organized networks, rings, and groups involved in the business of insurance frauds and other financial crimes.


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