Matthew Barnes

Matt has been a law enforcement officer for over 25 years.  He began his career as a San Diego County Probation Officer in 1999.  He then worked as a criminal investigator for the California Department of Insurance (CDI), Fraud Division for 11 years.  His 25 years in investigations have included 10 years of work on the Urban Grant Task Force with CHP, CDI, NICB, and the San Diego DA’s office.

As a DA Investigator, Matt has worked on a federal anti-money laundering task force, cross-border violence task force, as well as the San Diego DA’s Offices’ Insurance Fraud Division, Major Violator Unit, Superior Court Division, and Juvenile Division.  Matt’s work as a case agent on numerous multi-defendant insurance fraud cases has led to their successful prosecutions.  Matt is currently assigned to the San Diego DA’s Offices’ Insurance Fraud and Workplace Justice Division.  Matt recently promoted to the rank of Supervising DA Investigator and oversees DA Investigators in the Unit’s Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Justice Division.  Matt is the 2022 recipient of the International Association of Special Investigation Units “Law Enforcement Case of the Year”, and the “Public Service Award” for his work on “Operation Dealer’s Choice”.

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