Kate Zimmermann

In 2022, Kate Zimmermann closed the book on a 20-year career as a prosecutor with the Kern County District Attorney’s Office, of which 15 years were exclusively devoted to the fight against Workers’ Compensation Fraud.  A former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst, Kate employed an outside-the-box perspective to in her efforts to combat provider-based fraud.  Armed with the applicable law and a sense of humor she has successfully prosecuted schemes involving corporate practice of medicine, the misuse of physician assistants, ghost-writing and SJDB fraud.  As someone who has “been there-done that”, she is always happy to share the benefit of what worked, and what didn’t, with others engaged in the anti-fraud fight. Kate’s expertise has resulted in the opportunity to consult on federal cases and regularly assist other counties prosecuting fraud. She was privileged to work with the California Medical Board and the California Medical Association as well as provide input to the California Legislature as they grappled with issues related to physician regulation to quell provider based fraud.  Kate is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary’s University and Pepperdine University School of Law.  She is presently serving as a Deputy County Counsel for Kern County specializing in employment law.

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