Jeffrey Bonsal

Mr. Bonsall joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2015. Prior to joining Momentum Engineering, he worked at an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer conducting failure analysis and quality control. He has performed maintenance on vehicles from small, open-wheel racecars to half-ton pickup trucks. This experience allowed him to become acquainted with the dynamic handling differences between many different vehicle classifications and power transfer systems. Since joining Momentum Engineering, Mr. Bonsall has been immersed in the minute details of reconstructing accidents, inspecting vehicles and sites, virtually recreating accidents using software packages such as PC-Crash, and acquiring various certifications to assist in his reconstructions. He brings a breadth of automotive knowledge and a new way of problem solving to the industry. Mr. Bonsall earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an Automotive Engineering concentration from California State University, Northridge in 2015. During his time in school, he was able to become involved with many projects such as the Formula SAE racecar. He was also trained in vehicle dynamics, internal combustion engines, automotive powertrains, and suspension design. He is currently a student at California State University, Long Beach where he will earn his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

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