Gabriel Acevedo-Bolton, Ph.D

After more than a decade in academia at UCSF, where he utilized Magnetic Resonance Imaging to study the development of brain aneurysms and computational mechanics to model treatments for heart attacks, Dr. Acevedo-Bolton joined the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). As part of the original DIR Anti-Fraud Unit, Gabriel quickly applied his love of applied problem solving to the wealth of workers compensation data available at DIR and the tools necessary to analyze it. Now as an IT Specialist supporting the Anti-Fraud Unit, Gabriel develops novel methodologies to efficiently analyze DIR’s worker compensation data. He prioritizes extracting relevant information from the data, helping others understand what it means, and presenting it or analyzing it in ways that will help detect and combat fraud in the system. He has worked extensively with law enforcement in finding and interpreting workers’ compensation data to assist in investigations and legal proceedings, and has presented at several fraud-related conferences. In his free time, Gabriel enjoys surfing, spending time with his family, listening to music, roasting coffee, and fixing old stereos.

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