Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is currently the Assistant Chief Counsel in charge of the Anti-Fraud Division at the Department of Industrial Relations. His unit specializes in suspending doctors from the Workers’ Compensation system and consolidating liens that arose from fraudulent conduct. Bill’s other duties include coordinating the state’s response to fraud in the WC system and assisting law enforcement during medical provider prosecutions.

Previously, Bill Murphy was a prosecutor for 22 years. During that time period he was in every type of DA unit and tried every type of criminal case. For the last 8 of those years Bill was in Insurance Fraud units. While working as an insurance fraud prosecutor Bill developed a close working relationship with the Department of Industrial Relations while handling several large scale wage theft, labor trafficking and medical fraud cases. Bill started with the Anti-fraud unit in May of 2021 and he is looking forward to his new role of helping prosecutors develop successful medical fraud cases.

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