Obtaining and Reviewing Documents for Potential Fraud: The Records Will Talk If You Listen

It estimated that more than 1.14 trillion megabytes of data are created every day. That incomprehensible amount of data is stored in various formats and forms that we universally refer to in the digital age as “documents.” Electronic data has dramatically increased the amount of documents available, with over 64 zettabytes (1 trillion gigabytes) of data available worldwide – not including physical documents (papers, books, etc.). 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years, and the total amount of data is estimated to double in size every two years. Obtaining and evaluating digital and physical documents is the backbone of any suspected fraud investigation. 

This course will focus on identifying critical documents, tools available to obtain documents legally, and techniques for effectively evaluating and combatting or using documents when conducting a potential fraud investigation, including recordings, social media posts, reels and stories, images, handwritten records, paper publications, text messages, surveillance video, digital input records, bodycam footage, EDR data, Infotainment data, GPS data, cell phone location information, digital use data, receipts, estimates, medical records, financial data, document alteration applications, satellite imagery, tracking data, navigation and infotainment systems, policy applications, OSINT records, public and private agency documents, and much more. In other words, SIU and Fraud investigators must become “digital detectives.” 

In addition, we will identify and evaluate examples of documents that fraudsters are currently utilizing in committing insurance fraud, including documents used in actual suspected fraud cases. This course is for the fraud investigator, adjuster or supervisor who recognizes that the times are changing and, if they don’t change with them, they will be left behind.

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Location: Cypress Date: April 19, 2023 Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Kevin Hansen Richard Harer